Month: February 2020

Irish Person’s of the Year for 2020 are Missy Reinheimer & Ralph McMullen

Congratulations to Ralph McMullen and Marli Reinheimer, who were unanimously selected by our members at our February general meeting for Irish Persons of The Year.
McMullen was nominated for his work assisting the board with changing our bylaws last year,and Reinheimer led an initiative last year to secure funding from our sister group in Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada Sons & Daughters of Erin and led a delegation of that group to assist us with clean up efforts at Hillside Cemetery, where 30 Irish families are buried. They will both be honored at our upcoming 51st Annual SADOE St. Patrick’s Day Dinner & Show

“Tap”ing into the Club’s Past with a Connelly Family Photo

In the New Years spirit of the belonging, fellowship and nostalgia, SADOE Member Michael Connelly (owner of the Old Bridge Pub and Sierra Tap House) sent a picture of his grandfather Walter Connelly (pictured below in the middle looking down with a green hat holding the cane at the bottom wearing a brown jacket) and his great uncle Tom Connolly (standing second from the left). They were among fellow Reno Irishmen at the Elks Club for some kind of celebration in January of 1969.

By the plaque also pictured below, it is assumed that this was a Jan. 20 gathering that inspired the first chartered meeting of earlier incarnation of our organization, Sons of Erin. That meeting was held the former Pioneer Inn (located where the County Courthouse parking lot is on South Virginia in Downtown Reno) on Feb. 21, 1969 by nearly 40 Irish prominent businessmen and politicians of that era to plan the first St. Patrick’s Day Dinner & Show the following month.

However, our de facto historian Pat Martin said he was at this event and seems to think the photo was taken at the actual first dinner. The white aprons with the shamrocks on it would seem to support that theory.

Whatever the actual date this photo was taken (remember this was a half century ago), it is a nice piece of history of our club.

The wooden shillelagh in the photo with a small bronze plaque being held by the gentleman sitting in the middle at the bottom of the picture is one of two shillelaghs that has survived to this day within our club and is kept by the President and Sgt at Arms.

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