SADOE Members’ Therapy Dogs Pay Visit To LV FBI Field Office

SADOE is proud to support members of our law enforcement community. Last week, the Dalmations owned by SADOE Treasurer Paul Beaton and Director Missy Reinheimer were invited to provide their therapy services at the FBI Las Vegas Field Office. Molly and Cooper were accompanied by Retired FBI Special Agent Maureen Anderson-Borosky and her therapy dog, Tex.

Molly, who has been certified as a therapy dog for over 6 years, was making her 3rd visit to the FBI. Cooper, nearly a year old, is in the process of obtaining his therapy certification, and this was his first official observed visit.

A photographer for the US State Department happened to be in the Las Vegas office at the same time as our visit and took the attached pictures. The FBI intends to have Molly and Cooper visit on a more regular basis as they have seen the positive results their visit have for Agents and staff.

Molly makes regular visits to Henderson’s Police and Fire Dispatch Center, as well as occasional visits to Henderson Fire Stations. Cooper will start making these visits as well once he finishes his therapy certification. They are happy to help our local first responders any way they can.

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